• ChatMEU Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy explains the use of personal information It is collected through the application and website operated by ChatMEU. As ChatMEU We care about the privacy of our users and take the necessary precautions. Protect your personal information.

    Information Collected

    ChatMEU collects information necessary to enable users to: Rent a free WhatsApp number. This information may include personal information Information such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and contact information. Additionally, other information provided by users WhatsApp number rental may also be charged. This information It consists of the numbers, date and time you contacted.


    Correspondence, audio, video and other data never collected. Since our system works with the Whatsapp API service, messages are stored only on your device. They are not stored on WhatsApp servers Your messages will be deleted after they are delivered.

    Camera and microphone permissions:

    ChatMEU camera requests microphone and camera permissions so you can send video and audio recordings

    Location permissions:

    We collect location information so that you can send a location to the other party or receive the location information sent.

    Payment and transaction information:

    ChatMEU service is free, but Free usage is limited. Users who want to use it for a long time must pay. When We process information such as information about you when you make a payment. payment method, shipping details and transaction amount.


    When users use our services that provide access to people You may be required to grant access to the personal information contained therein. people on their devices. This information may include personal contact information Information such as people's names, phone numbers and email addresses. But, ChatMEU obtains users' explicit consent to access personal information

    Use of Information

    The personal information collected is used to enable users to: To benefit from our services, process user requests, provide customer service, To improve our services and personalize user experience. Also available To conduct internal analysis, market research and marketing purposes.

    Information sharing

    ChatMEU does not undertake to share users' personal information with third parties. However, we may need to disclose your information. Providing information to competent authorities in accordance with legal requirements or court.

    Updating the Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy may be updated when changes are necessary. We will make announcements on our website to inform you of updated policies. Therefore, it is recommended that you check this policy regularly.


    If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy As per our policy, please feel free to contact us: [[email protected]]

    Last update: 17.04.2024